King Lear with Doctor Emmett Brown

I always have loved the first read of a play. When you first start a show you always learn so much, about who you are working with, what you have to look forward too, what you need to work more on, it’s wonderfully informative. We had the amazing opportunity to do a reading of King Lear, with Macbeth director Brian Kulick and actor Christopher Lloyd, a passion project for both of them. The experience was one of the more memorable of my time at The Old Globe. My fellow classmates came in prepared and showed off our program beautifully. But the thing that stuck out so vividly in my mind was Mr. Lloyd. He showed how one should come into any project. Mr. Lloyd came in almost completely off book, and made such interesting and fully committed choices.

Christopher Lloyd, Brian Kulick and MFA classes of 2016 and 17.

He made me feel how a reading should make one feel, like I wanted to see a fully realized production as quickly as possible. These 3 hours, for me, were a microcosm of what makes this program so great. Not only do you have a stellar faculty, and an opportunity to work at one of the country’s premier regional theatres but you get a chance to work with people like Chris, who have been doing this for long time, and still show such passion and fire for their craft. At one point during the first scene, Chris’s Lear became so impassioned, he pounded his fist on the table and knocked his coffee all over, including on his script. It was such a beautifully truthful moment that one might of thought that it was scripted that way. He played the moment through and then without missing a beat said, “Whoops!” The rest of the read was just as inspired, and it left me energized. I am so grateful for the last two years. I have learned so much and had so many amazing experiences. But most importantly I have met so many amazing people; people that keep me inspired to always go out there and do my absolute best work. Many thanks to Brian for putting this reading together, my classmates for coming in prepared and ready to work, and to Chris for showing us all what a being a true professional means.

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