"That's a Wrap!"

There is no specific moment that will feel like the "final" day of our graduate experience. We say goodbye in a drawn out manner, so apropos to the laid back lifestyle of Southern California. We have final classes, final reviews, commencement, last summer shows, the goodbye party - not to mention Globe for All, the outreach program so many of our MFAs participate in. Most of Class 27 won't leave San Diego until November! Nevertheless, the goodbyes have begun.

Acting classes take place in the Studio Theater on campus at the University of San Diego. Two years ago, we began by diving into Tennessee Williams with Rick Seer, followed by the Shakespeare Boot Camp lead by Ray Chambers and Jan Gist, bleeding into rehearsals for Much Ado, acting scenes, vocal sessions, and the list just grows from there. I played my favorite role in that space, and my Thesis performance was just last week.

On Friday we filmed two-person scenes under the guidance of James Vasquez and Mark Holmes. (See picture of Charlotte Bydwell and Lowell Byers killing it.) For the most part we were on our own in this last class. We determined the shot, coached our own acting, decided whether or not we needed to do another take... and I couldn't help but think, "This is it, now. We are it. We are on our own."

Of course, we aren't on our own. Jan, Brian, Ray, Rick, Gerhard, Maria, James, Mark and Sabin will always sit in a corner of my consciousness, whispering encouragement and challenging me to step outside my comfort zone. We will spend this summer working as part of two incredible companies at The Old Globe, and you can bet I'll bring all of those teachers with me. As we wrap up this stage of our training, I am grateful to have the opportunity to say goodbye again and again. One more take. One more take. One more take.


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