The Program

The Old Globe


The professional actor training program is designed to take advantage of training and performance opportunities made available by The Old Globe.  Students' performance work in the Globe's professional productions is much more than an added attraction, it is the centerpiece of the training.


The program is unique in its ability to provide students with an exceptional number of professional performance opportunities.  Partnership with the Globe demands that students achieve its formidable standard of artistic excellence and professionalism.


Because the Globe is the program's primary source for the performance faculty, directors, designers, guest artists, and master teachers, this demanding ethic inspires studio work as well.


“You could probably count on one hand the major training programs that are affiliated with a major theater company. This is a specifically classical training program very, very heavily centered on Shakespeare.  It’s pretty unique nationwide.”       

- Barry Edelstein, Erna Finci Viterbi Artistic Director, The Old Globe

A Unique Experience


In addition to its symbiotic relationship with one of America's premier regional theaters, the professional actor training program is unique in other ways:


  • With only seven actors in each class an exceptional amount of personal attention is given to the student’s individual training needs.

  • Academic credit earned through performance work at the Globe enables the University of San Diego to award its Master of Fine Arts degree after only two years of study.

  • Students have an opportunity to participate in an extensive theatre tour of London.

  • Each student accepted into the professional actor training program is awarded a full-tuition scholarship from the University and a monthly stipend from the Globe.  Financial support granted to each student exceeds $80,000.


Because the mission of the program is to provide students with the skills necessary to pursue successful acting careers, every effort is made to facilitate the transition into the profession.  The program's showcase presentations in New York and Los Angeles have been highly effective in helping graduates establish acting careers in film, television, Broadway, off-Broadway, and regional theatres.